How does it work?


Athletes Auction is a FIBA licensed organisation that runs a dual concept: an online bidding platform and a traditional player agency. Team officials and players have a choice which way to go...

The auction

We developed an online bidding platform where teams can interact directly and discretely with players and can even submit bids for their services. This way, GM's save money (fee: 5% of the annual net player salary) and players take matters into their own hands. We stand for a more transparent market and really hope to influence the world of international basketball in a positive way in the future.

Players and club officials can sign up here.

The agency
Athletes Auction also works the market with a traditional player agency (fee: 10% of the annual net player salary). We offer players we feel very confident about landing jobs FIBA inspired agency contracts. Players sign for an indefinite period of time and a minimum of thirty days. After this initial thirty day period, players can terminate the contract at any given time if they are not happy with our efforts.

Want to get signed? Send us an email at or