About us

Our vision
Athletes Auction sets out to provide more transparency in a clouded and sometimes shady market place.

Our mission
Athletes Auction is a pioneering, state of the art, online platform, where club executives and players can do business.

Our stategy
Athletes Auction creates a more transparent business environment. Easy to use online tools provide players with the means to manage their own careers.

FIBA approved Athletes Auction will continue to develop more features to enhance the website and to offer even more transparency and comfort. A dual concept offers club officials a choice in their business approach.

About us
Remco Vogelaar started playing basketball at the age of five and made it to the top youth level. Currently developing young players. Organized Basketball Camps. Scouted for top-flight EiffelTowers in the Netherlands, founded and managed EiffelTowers Basketball School. Has extensive network in the world of basketball.

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Jaron Reddy developed a passion for the game at seven. Played hard for twenty years at a respectable level. Known to dunk a tennis ball. The 5'7" point guard now earns a living as a passionate marketing pro. Deployed skills for the Dutch pro game. Loves social media and is a driven conceptual thinker. Father of three.

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