Is Athletes Auction an agency?
It depends. we run two concepts: the online auction and a traditional agency. We believe in an open market, where athletes determine their own career path and clubs can be sure they are in direct contact with the player they desire. If a club or player prefers to go with a more orthodox approach however, we offer the same services as any other agency.

Do you assist negotiations in any way?
Of course, we can... We prefer to leave that up to players and officials, but our service is tailor made. We are very flexible. 

Is Athletes Auction FIBA approved?
Yes, we are. We are licensed with FIBA under number 2013023853.

Do you charge a service fee?
Yes, we do. We charge the signing club a 5% fee over the player's gross annual income for the service provided. If a club official or player chooses our agency approach, we charge teams 10%. Players aren't charged.

Do you work with agency contracts?
Yes. We offfer contracts to players we are confident of landing a deal. They are agreements for an indefinite period of time, and at least thirty days, after which the player can terminate whenever he/ she wants.

She?! You work for women too? 
Yes, of course. James Brown passed a while back now (RIP). We assist ladies in taking their careers forward in the same way we do for men.

I'm having trouble logging in. What do I do?
Read the f@ckin' manual! No, just joking... Send an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

My profile is not appearing on the site. How come?
Have you checked the box to make it visible to all registered club executives? Go back and give that a shot. If you're still having trouble, send us an email at or drop us a line.

Who can see the bids I'm submitting?
The player you are bidding for, receives an email about your submitted bid. On his profile, only he can see who is interested, but no other user can. Registered clubs can only see from which country your bid is coming from. To make things interesting...

Who can use Athletes Auction?
Anybody, but only registered users can really join in. We check up on personal details every now and then, but like to think people who decide to use the website, believe in our concept. We do however have the right to block anybody who abuses proceedings.

Where else do I find Athletes Auction?
Twitter (@athletesauction) or Facebook (/athletesauction). Either that, or check out our contact details. No secrets there.

If this Q&A has somehow not answered your queries, feel free to contact us. If you have any suggestions or other questions, please drop us a line. We intend to improve our service continuously!